About us

What is Bashi?

Bashi is a digital service that enables you to easily describe your symptoms via our questions.
Within 60 seconds you then receive a recommendation for self-care, a product purchase from a pharmacy, or a visit to a healthcare professional. We provide you with further guidance in the form of information about when and where you can seek healthcare.

Bashi is a service created by a physician, nurse and lawyer with first-hand experience of what happens to patients, and the waiting times in the Swedish healthcare system, when patients come in contact with the wrong care provider or do not seek help in time.

Bashi is free to use and does not require a login. We currently help users in ten different languages. Our aim is to provide guidance to as many people as possible, in as many different languages as possible.

Bashi is currently available in the following languages:

العربية (Arabic)
فارسی (Persian)
Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian - Gaj’s Latin alphabet